Kastda Global is an independent broadcast dedicated to bringing news to the general population. By utilizing a network of discretely placed operatives, the Kastda Global Media Group has been able to access the NEOCOM network bringing cluster-wide broadcasting to the masses.

Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals will broadcast from undisclosed locations as frequently as possible, bringing the whole truth straight to the ears of the ordinary citizen.

The Broadcasting Team

Paydas Adavaar – Anchor
Paydas is an experienced broadcaster who has worked for a number of media organisations throughout the Federation, most notably as the late-night news anchor on Bourynes channel ZK-4. Now seeking new journalistic challenges after a lengthy sabbatical, Kastda Global is fortunate to have the safe hands and cool voice of Paydas to lead the line and bring the news to the people.

Mielikki Valpuri Field Reporter
An academically gifted young woman with a promising career ahead of her, Mielikki is driven by a strong sense of adventure and the desire to champion the underdog. Her passion for reporting is only seconded by her drive for the truth. She is fearless, willful and will stop at nothing get the real story. As a roving reporter, she is now the voice from the void for Kastda Global.

Professor Uriah Tedanih – Science Consultant
Formerly a lecturer of Cosmology and High Energy Physics at Hedion University and an avid collector of Capsuleer technology, Professor Tedanihs keen mind has long been focused on the stars and those that live amongst them. Now as Kastda Global resident scientist, he relishes the opportunity to examine the secrets of the Capsuleers and put what he learns to (sometimes terrifying) use.

Sarkastinen Insinoori – Engineering Expert
Sarkastinen Insinoori was born to be an engineer. His family have been proud industrial workers for many generations and Sark learned his trade maintaining gas extractor plants in his home system of Edmalbrurdus. After twenty years of excellent service, he retired from his duties and has since been recruited to turn his hand to the technical challenges offered by Tech Four.

Asuka Mori – Kastda Global Intern
Asuka Mori is a promising young journalistic talent scouted from the Gallente Federations University of Caille. While Ms. Mori has not made a name for herself in media; her prowess for hunting down news stories and writing talent has landed her in a coveted position within the Kastda Global News team.