Business Link Integrated Brokerage service

East of England IDB Ltd (EEIDB) will provide the full Business Link Integrated Brokerage service on behalf of the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) for all businesses in the East of England from April 1st 2010.

This is a significantly expanded service from the current Business Link service delivered in the region, as it includes Skills Brokerage, Investor Development and a focus on large businesses and organisations in the public sector, as well as SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Business Link is the primary access channel for all publicly funded business support services available universally to all organisations irrespective of size and sector. At the core of the offer is the integrated brokerage activity, operating under the Business Link brand, comprising:

  • Universal offers accessible to any customer regardless of their size, sector, lifestyle or geography
  • Specific offers for specific customer segments – whether those segments are by size or sector
  • The gateway to the integrated Business Link activities for all businesses in the region, those considering locating or re-locating to the region and those businesses that have relocated to the region

We will provide a range of activities to support businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed, including:

  • Skills analysis
  • Promotion and stakeholder management
  • Workshops and events
  • Information
  • Diagnostics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Mentoring
  • Brokerage

To successfully attract and retain overseas investment opportunities in the East of England, EEIDB will nationally offer:

  • An integrated information, diagnosis and brokerage service that supports any business of UK or foreign origins, with links to any other supporting UK based agencies that can provide support or solutions for a business’ issue, that may prevent the organisation from developing and growing its operations in the region
  • Assistance to UKTI to improve penetration levels for foreign owned companies as part of Business Link’s intensive assistance activity
  • Development of brokerage staff capabilities to ensure capability in diagnosing need, to identify standard business issues, skills issues, and any other barriers to growth, for foreign owned and foreign invested companies and broker on to appropriate partners including UKTI

Business Link in the East of England works with businesses and entrepreneurs in the six counties in the East of England: Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Business Link is a government initiative to promote enterprise, funded in the East of England by the East of England Development Agency.

Visit the Business Link website on this link