Capsuleer Technology Repurposed for Medical Benefit

The vast majority of media coverage involving capsuleers is negative. This is primarily because the lynchpin of their existence is war. The capsuleer-driven economy is almost entirely centred around weapons of mass destruction and the platforms to deliver them and whilst these gods of war are often deserving of criticism as they continue to destroy each other and those around them, some good does come of their existence.

As has always been the way throughout human history, war pushes the boundaries of technology and eventually, the benefit of those advancements distil down to the general populace. This recent press release received from the Lai Dai Research corporation details the benevolent applications of technology originally designed to enhance capsuleer training.

Lai Dai Research :: Biomedical and Cybernetics Division

Lai Dai Research is pleased to announce the tentative release of the next generation of Transcranial Microcontroller products, the Tietosh Constellation. This family of six implant sets are designed to interact with an installed TCMC to increase the users functionality. Full details are being prepared for release, but the basic set will include the following implants:

– Cerebellar-Limbic Bridge: to aid in fine motor control
– Hippocampal-Forebrain Bridge: to aid in memory retention and clarity
– Cingulate Ion Buffer: to aid in the application of willpower and rational thought
– Wernike Ion Buffer: to aid in sophisticated speech
– Pons Coordination Matrix: to aid in regularizing autonomic metabolism
– Auxilliary Midbrain Processor: to aid in emotional and sensorial control

The Tietosh implant set is intended for the medical rehabilitation market, with alternate secondary markets for any individual wishing to improve their performance in key targeted areas. It will be made available for sale to specific sectors of the public once it has cleared human testing, which is predicted to finish in less than two months.

Research Director Atkio Vanamoinen :: Lai Dai Research, Biomedical and Cybernetics Division

With the number of space structures and ships being destroyed by capsuleer aggressions resulting in countless decompression injuries, survivors of such disasters often suffer long-term cerebral impairment due to vacuum-induced hypoxia.

It is the hope of this correspondent that we will indeed see some uplifting stories in the future, where technology of capsuleer origin might improve lives rather than ruin them.

Patient in Hospital Bed Using Breathing Apparatus — Image by © Sebastian Pfuetze/zefa/Corbis