Kids Games Building Social Responsibility From Australia

Rolka introduce two kids games that are specifically designed to develop a sense of social responsibility. These character education activities include childrens building blocks and our Green Earth Board game, which has been designed to be fun, while developing an understanding of global warming, the environment and nature

Our educational wooden building blocks were originally made for our own children. After seeing how good they were, we felt we just had to share them and make them available for others to enjoy as well. Our products encourage positive development in children as they learn through interaction and creative play while having fun.

Creative Building Blocks – Standard Set

150 blocks in calico bag with Ideas Booklet

Rolka Blocks are environmentally sound; made in Australia from natural plantation grown Hoop Pine, they are non-toxic, aesthetically pleasing and provide enough challenging activities to last a lifetime. You will be amazed at the variety of structures, play activities and games that are possible. Join the thousands of children and adults throughout Australia who already enjoy these wonderful blocks

Building blocks offer children the opportunity to develop social and emotional skills and can also help them to become active, competent members within a group.

ROLKA blocks are all the same size, eliminating competition for different shapes, sizes and colours. However, each block is still unique through its grain pattern and colouring.

Children also learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. If the blocks fall down, they can build something else even better and this is important as a lesson in life.

The Green Earth Board Game

Parents can rejoice – there is now a family game that instils in their children a sense of social responsibility about our future planet and accountability for our actions.

A strategic educational board game that teaches players there can be harmony between development and the environment – but only if you choose to play the game responsibly.

Designed for two to eight players, Green Earth is an innovative, tactical board game that demonstrates the impact of the global economy on development and business.

Playing it is easy, but mastering it is challenging. And that’s where the fun begins!

Awareness of nature and environment

Public awareness of ‘green’ issues is receiving increasing media coverage and will become the priority issue of the 21st century.

If players learn the global message about sustainable development then time spent having fun will also be time spent well.