Russian Watches – The Armor That Saved Europe


russian watches

Russian watches are amongst the many products available from the Sovietski Connection. This feast of soviet military surplus is a must for any Russophile or collector of militaria. As well as military collectables, this site has many cultural items from Russia and the old ‘USSR’ block

This is possibly one of the best sites in the world for Russian collectables, and all available safely from the USA.

The range is far too wide to mention every product available – go to the shop for a browse – here are just three of the 100s of products available:

The armor that saved Europe! – Handcrafted winged Hussar armor.

In 1683, Poland’s Army, led by its famed Hussar cavalrymen, defeated the Turks at the Siege of Vienna. This decisive battle stopped the Ottoman advance, in essence saving Europe. Military historians attribute the Poles’s success, in part, to their superior armor and weaponry. This awesome winged Hussar’s armor has been produced in the centuries-old tradition, hand-hammered on a wooden stump and lashed together with leather.

He certainly doesn’t have one of these!

Armor-piercing missiles were built during the Cold War for the M1-A1 Abrams tank (America’s primary battle tank). Dubbed “tank busters,” they were designed to take out heavily armored Warsaw Pact tanks on the European battlefield. Tens of thousands of these missiles were destroyed under the Department of Defense’s “crush rule.” By our wits, some luck and a connection in the Pentagon, we rescued a few practice rounds.

Soviet captain’s chronometer on wooden base.

These super-accurate, 56-hour chronometers are identical to those aboard Soviet and now Russian warships. Each is a handcrafted engineering masterpiece. Swiss fuseƩ (chain-driven pulley) drive, 20 ruby-jewel, damascened, 24-karat gold-plated movement with real diamond endcap jewel, spring detent escapement, compensation balance and palladium helical spring

The range includes:

Timepieces. Optics Instruments
Collectables Badges & medals Coins & currency
Uniforms & apparel Figurines & models Decorative weaponry
Posters, penants & flags Outdoor gear

Venerated religious treasures that will inspire and comfort. Accurate reproductions of historic Russian and Soviet art recreated in such detail you can even see the individual brush strokes. Classic tin toys that will make you and your wallet feel like a kid again. And, you’ll also discover a wide selection of books and music related directly to our treasures and their countries of origin

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